Mar Thoma Church, Germany

Jesus and Me - VBS 2021

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vacation Bible School – 2021 of German and Swiss Mar Thoma congregations was conducted from 22nd to 23rd May, on a virtual platform using Zoom. Around 53 children from various countries like Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and India, participated. This year’s theme was “Jesus and Me”. Kids, teachers, volunteers and parents had a wonderful time worshiping God and learning more about him through songs, crafts, Bible stories and devotion sessions.

The first day (22nd May) was divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session was conducted with a sub theme: “Jesus as God”. It started with a singing session and then the children were assigned to four different classes i.e. Nursery, Sub-Juniors, Juniors and Intermediate-Seniors, were they learned Bible stories and played many games related to the sub theme. The morning session was ended with a devotion session led by Rev. Johnson M. John.

The sub theme for the afternoon session was “Jesus as Friend”, which was commenced by a singing session, followed by the respective class sessions. It was concluded with a devotion session led by Rev. Mathews George.

On Sunday, May 23, VBS was conducted in the afternoon after the Sunday service. The sub theme for the second day was “Jesus as Savior”. After learning different songs from the singing session, children attended the class sessions, where they have learned many stories and played many games. At the end, Rev. Sam T. Koshy led the devotion and dedication sessions.