Mar Thoma Church, Germany

Visit of the EKHN during the holy service on 23.02.2019

The responsible representative, Mr. Joachim Bundschuh, for foreign congregations (other language and origin) of the Centre Oekumene of the EKHN visited the Mar Thoma congregation on 23 February 2019. The Sunday School for the children started at 10 am. The service in the Malayalam language began at 11am in the morning. The service was held by our Reverand Sam Koshy. The secretary of the church, Mr. Abishikt Thomas, welcomed Mr. Bundschuh. Mr. Bundschuh said in his speech that he is happy that the Indian Christian Reformed Church of MarThoma Christians continues to grow with the local language, that its presence is meaningful and blessed for society, and that our common faith in God unites. After the service there was further exchange with Mr. Bundschuh and the committee members on the growth of the Marthoma Church.